Monday, October 13, 2008

{touched by the blog world, AGAIN!}

good morning! to start my monday off i did my usual blog lurking. tOdaY i went to the andy and jodee dillard family blog. as i was catching up i noticed 2 post down, jodee had posted about the nielson family silent auction. a young couple, the neilson's with 4 children who were both in a serious plane crash up where i live. i heard about it but, didn't know the 3 in the plane so my life went on it's way. as you check out the {video} that andy made and follow along to all the sites and youtube links i hope you too will be touched today to share this story.

tOdaY as you go about your day...reflect on what is important to you? what are you blessed with? how has your life been touched by others, that you may never meet?

i don't know how to post a youtube video that someone else made. so please check out this link and be touched to share.

you never know when someday it might be your story. please do all you can to support this family. *hugs* connie


Andy & JoDee Dillard said...

thanks for posting this information. The Nielson's are a sweet couple and we want to help them in any way we can.

Dianna said...

So sad...makes you rethink what's worth worrying/fighting/arguing about...

mom of fab five said...

I hear ya---my sons PT knew the other man who was in the plane that passed away--he was an amazing guy.

You can go into the dashboard and type in how to post U-tube and it will give you the directions--I just learned how--this is what i do--go onto your HTLM area of posting and cut the code from the u-tube video and paste it into this area--WAAALAA it works--pretty cool