Tuesday, October 7, 2008

playing catch up...

back from ckc-hartford and i am still adjusting to the time change. jet lag and 3 hours different really can mess ya up, lol! i just have to say you ladies and gentlemen in hartford were so kind and friendly. what a great city to meet some amaZing people. i met a mom/daughter and they were the sweetest ever. every time they saw me they continued to comment on my classes. i can not tell you how wonderful that is to hear. i am honored and blessed to work for sei. i am hoping that some of you will send me some photos. i love posting them and sharing my love of the industry with others. it was a bit different than most shows for me. i usually teach 5 classes a day teaching the same classes both friday and saturday. ck for some reason cut back our classes. i guess due to lack of spacing. we were not the only ones they did this to. anywho, i am hoping to see many of you next year! if not then hopefully valley forge or manchester.

i left wednesday to fly to hartford. can i just say....southwest airlines, you roCk!!! flights were on time, snacks & drinks were provided and i met some amaZing people as well. the flight attendants going to and coming back awesoMe!!! it was such a riot to have some kick back, funny, outgoing attendants on the plane. lisa d, shon and i am sorry about the other guy were terrific!!! i will choose southwest over any airline any day if i have my choice.

i have to say that this trip has really done a number on me. i missed my kids, met new people and realized i am d*mn good at what i do! i know my kids were in good care but, i think it was just being so far away. trev had a band competition, d and boo had a soccer game and austy had voice lessons. i feel like i missed out on a lot with being gone just those few days. i love, love, love meeting new people. you know we all come from different walks of life. never knowing what is behind that smile or sarcasm. though if you put your best foot forward you will always come out on top no matter what the outcome. the people i met on these flights i hope i continue to stay in touch with. they all have so much to offer and a life that is waiting for them. just as i know mine is as well. i also realized that i am a friendly, very like-able person. i am very hard on myself, always have been. i am trying really hard to look at the positive things that i contribute to this world and mY life in general! i have a lot to offer and a lot to learn. i am up and ready for the challenge. now lets not have it all at once, lol. though i am ready!

thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my ramblings.

"only you have the POWER to unveil the lights within you
and share it with the world."
~author not known

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Kristan Paolacci said...

Connie - nice to see you posting again my friend.