Sunday, October 26, 2008

{an amaZing day}

today was a beautiful day. unbelievable as yesterday and last night was bone chilling cold. haleigh and dallin had their soccer game today and did amaZing as usual. they one 1-0 with dallin scoring the only goal in the 1st quarter. he played goalie twice and forward twice. my miss haleigh did great as well. blocking the ball and kicking it hard. i love watching all my children in all of their activities. it makes me a proud and happy mom!! to see them eNjoYing what they like to do and loving it. what more can you as for?

after soccer we had haleigh's birthday party. usually it is really cold and we aren't able to do it outside. though today mother nature was on our side. it was the perfect day!! she had 3 girls show up and they had a blast. i gotta share my favorite photo of them with you. is this just the cutest picture you have ever seen. they are so stinkin' cute!! all 4 of them played so well together. played football, played on the playground and on the swings. it was so fuN to watch them be little girls. it brought back memories of my youth and what i was doing at the tender age of 12. where does the time go? we had to kill bees which was so funny at times that i just can't remember the last time i laughed so much. thanks girls and thanks boo for sharing these wonderful, kind girls with me today.

as my day slowly ended i was reflecting on myself. which i really don't like doing. realizing that i am the type of person that would do anything for anyone. i would give you my last dollar so you could use it for what ever purpose you needed as i would go without. i am that person that can so easily relate to many. i have been through a lot in my 36 years on this earth. if it weren't for our bumps in this life, our journey would be rather boring. i know for myself all these life lessons and trials have a purpose. we are to learn. whether we find the good or bad in them, it is our choice, our own decision on what we do with them. i am that kind of person that when i see someone fall, i want to catch them. though i realize that sometimes it takes a fall for them to see what is important to them. i can't fix everything {though i want to think i can}. i can't help everyone all the time. at times i can't even help myself. we all have mountains we must climb. we all stumble along the way. it's what we do after the stumble that counts. do you knock yourself down again, or do you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put a smile on your face, remember to breathe and take that first step forward? it's hard you see...i want to pick you up. i want to carry your weight. i want to fix it all. make it all go away and move forward. if i can't do it on my own i surely can't do it for someone else. so for any of you out there feeling like you have hit rock bottom finally {cause you do have to hit it before you change directions} what are you waiting for? you have to do it yourself, baby steps. no one can do it for you. we may want to, but we can't. we all must travel certain paths alone. it's scary i know i have been there. though the path you choose has to be yours and no others. when you do take that first baby step, breathe...then take a deep breath, pat the dirt off and smile. you did it!! now what did you learn? i hope you learned that you are worth it and so is this messed up kind of life. hang in may take longer than you think but, you can do it. i have and continue each and everyday by finding the good in everything that has made me smile. i don't regret anything...i just move forward and smile. night all. much love. *hugs* connie

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Tammy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEIGH!! You are such a sweet girl and we miss all of you guys! I am so glad you could have such a good birthday. I can't believe how old you are!