Wednesday, September 17, 2008

{haPpY 1 yEaR!!}

i can not believe that it has been a year already. i made this challenge to start a blog on september 17, 2007. i was inspired by attending creative escape last year and taking rhonna farrer's class. as i have gone back and read my posts from last year i get all inspired again. yes, the rest is still unwritten but, the ride has been a journey. so much has happened within this past year. things i would of not guessed would happen. i am taking the time today to reflect on the positive as it has not always been that way. to think of the small things. you know, the things we take for granted. try it, think of the small things that put a smile on your face. this past year has been a very difficult one for me. my life has been on a road untraveled. i plan on coming back later tonight and let you know about some positive things and the small ones too. as i still search to find mE i am finding out that i am stronger than i thought. that i can do many things that i have never done before. that in time i hope to find all that i am looking for and that i can continue to say...the rest is still unwritten yet know what road to travel. have a great day and thanks for taking this journey with me. *hugs* connie


Dianna said...

Happy blogday to US*!*
I started when you did and for the same reason...Ooooo let's meet for cake and coffee :)

Kaelene said...

It is crazy how fast a year can go by, with all its good things and bad things and crazy things and inspirational things! Thank goodness we always have another day to move forward!
Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary . . . I hope that you find it as therapeutic and energizing as I do.
Take care.