Monday, July 7, 2008

mY true strength...

"true strength is keeping everything together
when everyone expects you to fall apart."

this was a great quote for me to stumble on today. life always throws us curves and we never know how strong we are until that curve comes along.

my youngest son made all stars and it has been a great experience for him. see usually when he makes all stars he is one of the top dogs. this time being his first year in juniors he was one of the last boys picked. he has learned a lot and has realized that not only is he a part of the team, that he has much to give. he has played very minimal as he is one of the younger, smaller boys and not as experienced in this league. though when they put him in... this little shorty has given his all!!

first game...bottom of the 7th, bases loaded, two outs and he is up. coach tells him to scrunch down as close as he can to the plate. first pitch comes in and the ump calls it a strike. next pitch the catcher misses it, d moves out of the way and the winning run scores.

second game...they are winning 12-3 in the 6th. though the game can be called if they score one more due to them run ruling them. guess who is up, that's right-d. winning run on 3rd and coach tells dallin to bunt. d lays down the perfect bunt and the winning run comes in.

third game...was not his game. he struck out 2 out of the 3 times at bat. the third time he was thrown out at first. he really was down on his self. though it was his strength in the outfield that kept him together. he had two amaZing catches.

game 4 is tonight. if they win they make district. if they loose they are done. never give up d, cause you have amaZing strength!! you always know how to keep it all together.

i can say this about all of my kiddos actually. they are all faced with challenges now and then. at times there are people always expecting them to fall apart. their strength to keep it all together is a true test for them. i don't know what i would do without them. they are a true blessing and strength to me. i am honored to be their mom.

love you guys...austin, trevor, dallin & haleigh. *hugs* mom


Tammy said...

dallin is the MAN! Way to go dallin! Your kids are such good kids and they will realize that they have a lot more strength than they think they do! Love you guys!

mom of fab five said...

love the quote. Glad to see your still alive and keeping busy. Missed you at CE this year. So explain this deck of me challenge--your stuff on the side kinda intrigues me. Are you going to CHA in a few weeks? Hope things are going well as can be expected.

Catchya later,
Leigh Ann

Choate Family said...

You're kids are great . . . and gettins SO big!! Way to go Dallin . . . what a champ!