Tuesday, June 3, 2008


i have had a craZy month and realized i did not post once in maY. i am sorry to disappoint many of you. i appreciate the e-mails, calls and messages you have been leaving me. i so need to write. i find writing a good source of release.

i need to blog about my 17 hour day trying to catch a flight home from ckc-buffalo. oh, i do not want to see an airplane/airport for a long time!! though with my sei job, i will see one in a few weeks. i just hope everything goes smooth sailing this time.

i want to let all the ladies know that attended mY classes in buffalo, ny how amaZing it was to teach them. they were all so kind and loads of fuN!! i received a very humbling e-mail from mary. thanks for the great words...so glad you eNjoYed the class.

jennifer, cheryl, me, karla & mary. sei: 4 flower techniques class.
ladies you were a blast and i hope i see you again next year!

here is a photo from mandy from ckc-mesa. this is mandy and her stinkin' cute daughter who also took my classes!!
i don't want to leave anyone out who sends pictures my way. i always bring my camera and forget to take photos, go figure.
i will try and write later about mY 17 hour flight day and mY amaZing time in pa with my dad and familY. for now...this is it. *hugs* connie


mom of fab five said...

YEAH your alive--i was beginning to wonder!!

Tammy said...

glad to see you back, 17 hours does not sound like fun. i can't wait to hear the story. Flying can be such a pain sometimes, but it's so much nicer than driving. Just sit back, relax and let the pilot work!