Tuesday, March 4, 2008

{ten thoughts of whole living}

  1. REDISCOVER the pleasures of a snowy day.
  2. food has the power to TRANSFORM choose yours intentionally.
  3. let your SOUL weigh in on your decisions.
  4. don't rush POSITIVE change. the best kind comes gradually.
  5. when you INDULGE, stop to savor every taste.
  6. everyday has its small successes-take time to CELEBRATE them.
  7. beauty reflects self care let yourself GLOW.
  8. your body craves MOTION. allow it to flow in harmony with your breath.
  9. instead of seeking love, SEE it-everywhere.
  10. greet everyday with a ritual of GRATITUDE and strength.

~donna garlough

something to really think about. *hugs*

1 comment:

suellen said...

WOW... These are really ideas to think about and very powerful. I certainly want to implement these ideas into my life to be a healthier me. Who ever shared these with you must have a very deep well of healthy water and tool box of healing ideas to draw from and I think one day should write a book. Make the rest of this week one of your best... you deserve it. I love you, baby!