Monday, February 25, 2008

manic monday...

could todaY be anymore manic? i thought to myself as i woke this's gonna be a good day!! not that it has been a bad day just crazy. let me just spell it out for you...

  • picked up my laptop that FINALLY was fixed. (NOPE, not fixed at all). so i had to spend over and hour today on the phone with the warranty company trying to explain the entire problem i had when picking it up. then to let them know...THEY DIDN'T FIX IT!
  • went to work early so i could get set for my day. lots of happenings while i was gone. trying to relearn the ropes as we have someone new in the office.
  • went to an unexpected lunch with my husband. (really nice for a monday)
  • got back to the office to receive a phone call that austin was running a 104 temp and i needed to pick him up. when i got there i asked him what was the matter. he said "his tummy". he then stated that we needed to hurry and get home. asked him why? he said he needed to throw up. (sorry, should have given you some warning) if you can't stand this topic, you might want to skip to the next bulletin. so i rushed him into the nurses bathroom (don't know why they didn't take him in there in the first place) man, didn't know so much could come out of him. i, myself do not do well with this. i made it through though. thought to myself we could go back to work to see how he does. usually when he does this he is fine when he gets it all out. NOPE, not today. 2 more times at work and i said that's it, i've gotta go home with my baby. now at home he can't even keep medicine, gatorade or water down. so let me ask do you get the fever down?
  • when we got home my phones (home and cell) started ringing off the hook. how did everyone know i was home early today?
  • on the home phone (with work mind you) when the door bell rings. it's the aps guy wanting to check out our back yard and our trees. guess one of our trees is touching the power line and it is a concern to them. they want to trim it back or remove it. i said lets remove it. took care of him (i will see them next week) and the cell started to ring.
  • received a call from a friend today that didn't want to share with me some important information they received today because of my life being so crazy. this is hard...i see how they do not want to burden me but, i too like to feel needed and want to help if i can. so i finally got it out of them. how do you tell someone that your parent is being stubborn? that they need to get medical attention to help possibly prolong or save their life? how do you tell that parent they need to get help without taking control of their life? how do you talk to them without causing an argument? how do you as a child respond? these are all hard questions. believe me i have asked them myself! all i know and all i can say is that...we as children (of stubborn parents) have to let them know we love them no matter what. that we have to allow them to feel like that are in control of their lives. that we are there to support them in whatever decision they make. can we word it right so we can make them feel like this? sure. can we allow ourselves to comfort them even though we feel like we need to take control? yes, though it is hard. none of us want to see our parents in pain. i don't think anyone wants to loose a parent before they reach 100. it happens though, that's life. we just need to make sure we are doing all we can to love and support them. to make whatever kind of life they have remaining...fulfilling. i am so glad my friend shared this with me. i hope i helped when i said..."you need to apologize." "you need to let your dad know you love him". "you need to talk to your family and see what you can do to help him see how treatment will better his chances of a longer life". though in the end, know that the ultimate choose will be his.

it is so nice to know that other people out there in this busy, crazy world have problems and trials too. that i am not the only one who has an occasional (more than i would like) manic monday. no wait a minute...manic LIFE! that each day brings us new challenges, hope, dreams, happiness, sorrow, laughter, some tears and all to often things that remind us to just stop and breathe. that each day we have here in this life, to find the good. that special moment or memory that we want to remember. for when the day comes that we have that no more... is the day we die. not just physically but, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. this life is a test! some days i pass it and some days i don't. all i can do it keep on moving forward. making each day count. finding the joy in the small things and smiling at the bad stuff too. tell your kids, family and friends you love them today. for you never know when it might be your last!


Anonymous said...

Trust me. Your words to me made all of the difference today. You have a way with them. Thank you. And thank you for sharing the story with others. It helped me. I hope it can help someone else!

Dianna said...

Sounds like you are feeling sunny and optimistic again wise Lady...glad those crazy days are getting you thinking and not getting you down :)
Been missing you, your emails, and blog comments...but it sounds like you're "back" *!*