Wednesday, February 20, 2008

{good day}

tOdaY...was a good daY!!! so many reasons to "be" and too many to mention. mainly...talked with a lot of people i love today!! 3 daYs mom, i can't wait. our *hug* will last awhile, lol!!

ran into a friend that just put a smiLe on mY face. yes, barb i am talking about you. thanKs for the post office visit, lol! i can't believe you are one of mY lurkers. you are truly inspiring and i am so glad that you take a few minutes {lol!} to stop by and read mY ramblings. hope you get something from them and the manY you visit, hehe.

have to share this fuNnY saying in my small town local paper today. it's the "today's smile" section of the paper. gave me a little chuckle..."a woman likes a strong, silent man because she thinks he is listening." how about you? did you chuckle...thought so! have a great evening friends *hugs*

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Barb said...

Thanks Connie - you make me feel good! I've never been in a blog before!! Love the quote - it's now in my quote book!! Have a great day, and a super fun weekend!! Barb