Thursday, February 28, 2008

finally done!!!

haleigh sprung a school project on us last night that is due tomorrow. we had to do a visual time line of a lesson in social studies. we chose two of them and did 3 in each. she is such an amaZing aRtist! if i could onlY draw like her. here are a few pics of her project. waY to go boo- hope you get 110%.


suellen said...

WOW! It looks AmaZing! And I agree, what a FanTasTic artist. You, go Girl! I only wish I could see the drawings up close. So, Haleigh, be sure to save this project so Oma can see it when I come to Snowflake. I looks absolutely, positively wonderful. I understand why when I spoke with you on the phone you said you had to wait until your Mom got home to have help with your homework... I love you, baby!Job well done by all involved.

Tammy said...

That's an awesome job! I remember all those late night projects with my parents. I had one that went way out of control building a fort from popsicle sticks. I love it. I hope I can start writing more often like you do. I really like seeing everything that you post each day! Thanks!