Thursday, February 28, 2008

finally done!!!

haleigh sprung a school project on us last night that is due tomorrow. we had to do a visual time line of a lesson in social studies. we chose two of them and did 3 in each. she is such an amaZing aRtist! if i could onlY draw like her. here are a few pics of her project. waY to go boo- hope you get 110%.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

thanks leigh ann...

motivation is a FIRE from within.
if someone else tries to LIGHT
that FIRE under you,
chances are it will BURN very briefly.
steven r. covey

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i found a little piece of me...

today was one of those laZy days. it didn't help that i still had austin home sick. one of those days that you just really don't want to do anything. so as austin stayed in his bed i stayed in mine. i didn't want to be that far away from him in case he needed me. he didn't want to go on the couch, he wanted his own bed. can you blame him? who wouldn't want their own bed when they aren't feeling good? being in bed all day isn't good for me. for me...this is a downfall of mine. i don't do well not doing anything. it makes me feel helpless and useless. i don't get anything accomplished and i just feel down right yucky. i suffer from depression. wow, i can't believe i just shared that with all of you. though as i try and figure out who i am, this is a part of me that i try and overcome on a daily bases. i have learned to be aware of what gets me to my low points. i have through many years found how to work with it and not allow myself to become depressed, medication free. so on days like these, i struggle. i am learning to accept that depression is a disease and that it is ok to admit it. it's hard, really hard! not something i am proud of but, it is a part of me. a part that i am trying to understand and learn to deal with. why you may be asking am i sharing this? honestly, i don't know. maybe it is to reach out for help or to allow myself to help. i guess i am learning life lessons and part of being honest with myself is confronting my fears and sharing myself with others. the rEaL mE! as i go to work tomorrow, i think what a blessing. it will make me get up and shower for the day, get in touch with the real world, be a good mom to my kids and a friend. these are things i value. these are things that are important to me. what defines me as a person. things i want to become better at and love more deeply. i hope that through my journey of writing my story of mY life...i can get rEaL, be honest and discover all the things that i am in search for. whether they be good or bad. i am human, i make mistakes, i cry, i laugh, i love but most of all...i just want to "be." i want to "be" mE! discovery...there i will find joY. *night*

wanted to post this quote from joan anderson's book i am reading...
"lifelines for change, i call them. take action. have an adventure. face your fear. seize the moment. tolerate isolation. reach beyond your grasp."

Monday, February 25, 2008

manic monday...

could todaY be anymore manic? i thought to myself as i woke this's gonna be a good day!! not that it has been a bad day just crazy. let me just spell it out for you...

  • picked up my laptop that FINALLY was fixed. (NOPE, not fixed at all). so i had to spend over and hour today on the phone with the warranty company trying to explain the entire problem i had when picking it up. then to let them know...THEY DIDN'T FIX IT!
  • went to work early so i could get set for my day. lots of happenings while i was gone. trying to relearn the ropes as we have someone new in the office.
  • went to an unexpected lunch with my husband. (really nice for a monday)
  • got back to the office to receive a phone call that austin was running a 104 temp and i needed to pick him up. when i got there i asked him what was the matter. he said "his tummy". he then stated that we needed to hurry and get home. asked him why? he said he needed to throw up. (sorry, should have given you some warning) if you can't stand this topic, you might want to skip to the next bulletin. so i rushed him into the nurses bathroom (don't know why they didn't take him in there in the first place) man, didn't know so much could come out of him. i, myself do not do well with this. i made it through though. thought to myself we could go back to work to see how he does. usually when he does this he is fine when he gets it all out. NOPE, not today. 2 more times at work and i said that's it, i've gotta go home with my baby. now at home he can't even keep medicine, gatorade or water down. so let me ask do you get the fever down?
  • when we got home my phones (home and cell) started ringing off the hook. how did everyone know i was home early today?
  • on the home phone (with work mind you) when the door bell rings. it's the aps guy wanting to check out our back yard and our trees. guess one of our trees is touching the power line and it is a concern to them. they want to trim it back or remove it. i said lets remove it. took care of him (i will see them next week) and the cell started to ring.
  • received a call from a friend today that didn't want to share with me some important information they received today because of my life being so crazy. this is hard...i see how they do not want to burden me but, i too like to feel needed and want to help if i can. so i finally got it out of them. how do you tell someone that your parent is being stubborn? that they need to get medical attention to help possibly prolong or save their life? how do you tell that parent they need to get help without taking control of their life? how do you talk to them without causing an argument? how do you as a child respond? these are all hard questions. believe me i have asked them myself! all i know and all i can say is that...we as children (of stubborn parents) have to let them know we love them no matter what. that we have to allow them to feel like that are in control of their lives. that we are there to support them in whatever decision they make. can we word it right so we can make them feel like this? sure. can we allow ourselves to comfort them even though we feel like we need to take control? yes, though it is hard. none of us want to see our parents in pain. i don't think anyone wants to loose a parent before they reach 100. it happens though, that's life. we just need to make sure we are doing all we can to love and support them. to make whatever kind of life they have remaining...fulfilling. i am so glad my friend shared this with me. i hope i helped when i said..."you need to apologize." "you need to let your dad know you love him". "you need to talk to your family and see what you can do to help him see how treatment will better his chances of a longer life". though in the end, know that the ultimate choose will be his.

it is so nice to know that other people out there in this busy, crazy world have problems and trials too. that i am not the only one who has an occasional (more than i would like) manic monday. no wait a minute...manic LIFE! that each day brings us new challenges, hope, dreams, happiness, sorrow, laughter, some tears and all to often things that remind us to just stop and breathe. that each day we have here in this life, to find the good. that special moment or memory that we want to remember. for when the day comes that we have that no more... is the day we die. not just physically but, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. this life is a test! some days i pass it and some days i don't. all i can do it keep on moving forward. making each day count. finding the joy in the small things and smiling at the bad stuff too. tell your kids, family and friends you love them today. for you never know when it might be your last!

new job...

i forgot to let you all know the happenings with the new job i was talking about in january. i was asked to come teach for sei. they are a manufacturing company in the scrapbook world. i get to travel the usa teaching at consumer shows. i am so excited and honored to have been asked. i can not wait! thanks lyn for thinking i could do this. i hope i don't let you or sei down. oh, the pressure...

sei sent me to utah in february for training. this was a great experience! i was able to see the warehouse, meet the owners (sid & linda), meet the two other teachers (jeanne & lindsay) and just get familiar with the classes and the sei product. i start traveling in april with my first show in st. louis, mo. i am getting so anxious, i can't stand it. what a wonderful company to be working with and the amaZing people too.

i will be listing all the places you can find me this year. it will be places for my for my jobs (rep & sei). i hope to see many of you at some of these events as well. if not...i know i'll see you around somewhere. haPpY moNdaY!

Friday, February 22, 2008

she has arrived!

mom & daughter
maya kay rose
february 21, 2008
4:13 pm
7 lbs 11 oz
19 in
welcome little one! we are honored and blessed to be in your presence. we are truly thankful to be a part of your life! i love you and can't wait to meet you. congratulations kyle, kelly & big sister alexa! *hugs*

Thursday, February 21, 2008

waiting to become an aunt again....

i have been patiently awaiting the arrival of my new niece maya kay rose. my sister lives in utah so i am not able to be with her and that is hard for me. i miss her so much and you don't realize it until times like these happen. the everyday little things that i miss out on too. wasn't there for her first daughter alexa either. this is when i wish i was i could fly up there and see them. don't need all the material things, just the little things. the moments when liFe really happens. here is a picture of kelly, kyle and alexa at christmas and one of just the two of them. don't they make the cutest familY ever!! just can't wait to post the newest addition to the familY.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i know, i know...

mia for a long time and then two posts in one day. getting ready to go to bed and had to get mY quick blog lurking in. went to dianna's blog and when her music started this song came on. i don't know but, it is just the best thing in the world to end my {good daY}. plus, who doesn't loVe jimmy buffett. as i listened to the words i had to keep replaying it. whether you have someone or not, YOU can make this song yours however you see fit. i thought of many people in my life and smiLed!!! my mom, family and my amaZing friends!! perma-grin from ear to ear. love and luck!!! i will try it and i KNOW i will get by. really, now i am going to bed, promise. need to, pretty busy day tomorrow. nighty-night

{good day}

tOdaY...was a good daY!!! so many reasons to "be" and too many to mention. mainly...talked with a lot of people i love today!! 3 daYs mom, i can't wait. our *hug* will last awhile, lol!!

ran into a friend that just put a smiLe on mY face. yes, barb i am talking about you. thanKs for the post office visit, lol! i can't believe you are one of mY lurkers. you are truly inspiring and i am so glad that you take a few minutes {lol!} to stop by and read mY ramblings. hope you get something from them and the manY you visit, hehe.

have to share this fuNnY saying in my small town local paper today. it's the "today's smile" section of the paper. gave me a little chuckle..."a woman likes a strong, silent man because she thinks he is listening." how about you? did you chuckle...thought so! have a great evening friends *hugs*

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

just needed to be reminded...

"eNjoY the {little} things, for one daY you maY look back and reaLize they were the {big} things."

Monday, February 18, 2008

M.I.A, who mE?

i know that i have been mia. i can not begin to tell you what has been going on so, i will just fill in a little where i can. i have been away from home for the past 9 days. i headed to california to attend the craft and hobby association {cha} trade show. this was for my repping job. i was able to spend an entire week with my boss janna and co-worker kristan. this is such a good time for us. we get to see all the new product being released, see our wonderful vendor friends (who we usually only get to see twice a year) and rejuvinate ourselves as we share in each other's company. i am so glad that i was able to attend this show. i knew that galen would take care of the kiddos and that i would come home with everything and everyone in once piece. you know what, I DID!!! i can not tell you what a great feeling this is. he always does such a great job while i am away. makes me wonder if i am even missed, lol. i was blessed to drive to cali with my boss, janna. we chatted and caught up on life. you know it is so hard to be away from janna & kristan. they are two amaZing, talented, wonderful people and i am honored to call them my friends. i took some mE time as well...hit the gym and read a lot. WOW!! this was really needed. i then arrived back from cali on friday and got to spend the evening with my bestfriend, deb. we went out to eat, went to a movie and just caught up! this is what i miss so dearly...spending time with family and friends. to top my evening off...i took some more mE time to just "be!" i woke up saturday refreshed, with a nice breakfast {usually don't eat breakfast} of french toast and fresh strawberries, yum! i then visited my aunt and cousin {hope your are recovering well shannon}, picked up the last of my catalogs and headed home. i couldn't wait to see mY faMilY!! always so nice to come home...mY kiddos are mY world! i will call it a night for todaY. many *hugs* connie

Thursday, February 14, 2008


i know i have been gone F-O-R-E-V-E-R. i will try and post more later. just wanted to check in and wish everyone i know and love a very {happy valentine's day}. *hugs*

Monday, February 4, 2008

didn't make it home...

you heard me right, we didn't make it home. they never opened the road and it took galen 5 hours to go the other way! he called and told me to stay the night again and try in the morning. we are again at my brother's. i have so much to do and now i will have missed two days of work. ugh!!!! unwritten. *night*

oh what a daY...'s a snow day for the kiddos and we don't even get to eNjoY it! we were heading home yesterday and they closed the road. we decided to stay with my brother and his family for the night. to wake up this morning and find out that unless you have chains or 4 wheel drive there is no getting through. now to get home we need to be re-routed. i will have to drive through the canyon. oh, how i hate the canyon! good thing i am driving or i would get car sick. so...a snow day that we don't get to eNjoY due to me not going 1/2 way. the choices we make...

{i am borrowing my mom's laptop that my sil is borrowing from her. pretty sad huh} have a great day no matter what comes your way! *hugs*