Wednesday, January 9, 2008

to much to do tuesday and tagged again...

i am posting rather late todaY as i had so much going on. work and 2 doctors appointments. oh, so love going to the doctors...yea right. only nice thing about it was getting some much needed medication and i lost 7 pounds!

so here is what my quote was for the day...

"she was kind, loving and patient...with herself...
celebrate her tenderness."
ha, kinda funny having to go to the doctors today. man, i can not say enough about this book i am reading. i will be finding out if she will be doing a weekend retreat that i can attend. anyone else wanna join in? the quote that i read in it today that struck me was..."woman must come of age herself. she must find her true center alone. she must become whole." ok, is this not what i have been wanting? what most of us women (and men) are searching for? i am just so happy to have stumbled upon this book. it is truly what i need. now i just need that weekend retreat she talks about.
dianna tagged me a few days back and now is buggin' me to post. I also was tagged by jean. man, i have done too many of these that i don't know if i have 7 more unknown facts about me left to tell. come on...i don't know what to say anymore. i will try though but, as for tagging others...nah.
1. when putting on my socks and shoes...i put one sock on and one shoe on then move to the next foot.
2. my mother loved sherbet ice cream so much when she was pregnant for me that she thought about naming me...ok, don't laugh. i guess you can cause i won't hear ya anyways. sherbet so was i to name my son slim jim, hehe.
3. i am one lucky lady to be 1% of the population to have hyperhidrosis. what's this you ask...look it up. not fun to have at all. be glad you are the lucky 99%.
4. when i was a year and a month i was scolded with a cup of hot water. i received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my face, arm, chest and side.
5. i, connie jo do not crave chocolate. i will eat it but, i do not crave it like most women.
6. i was offered a traveling teaching job by a well known scrapbook company. don't have it all worked out yet so i need to keep it hush, hush for a little while longer. i'm so excited!!!
7. i have a fear of undone zippers. anytime i have on pants or a skirt with a zipper...i am constantly checking it. i know, i know...i'm a freak! you feel better knowing these facts now. good! i hope you get a good chuckle at them. i hope to not be tagged for a YEAR!!! don't know if i could find another 7 facts. anywho, i am pretty tired tonight and want to get to bed a little earlier than i have been. i have wonderful medication to help with that now. have a great night. *hugs*


Dianna said...

You're not the boss of me~I'll tag you 50 more times if I want and bug the stew out of you until you post them {tee hee hee}!
You are so crazy...:)

Dianna said...

did you get the email?