Saturday, January 5, 2008


not much time to write now but, i wanted to share with you mY quote for the day.

"she listened to her heart above all the other voices...
celebrate her wisdom".

wow!!! is all i can say. i think this book was written just for me, jk. it is truly a blessing to have received it when i did. i hope as i leave these quotes each day you may find them meaningful to you as well. may you find what you are looking for in this new year. may it be a year of finding the real YOU as i will be finding the real mE. listen to your heart tOdaY...what is it telling you to do? eNjoY your saturday what ever you may be doing. much love, connie


Dianna said...

GREAT quote...I'll have to check out that book for sure!

I'm *tagging* you again girl!

suellen said...

Dear Connie - I want you to know you are an amazing woman, cherished daughter, wonderful mother and I will always, always love you no matter what, always! You will forever be in my heart and I know I will always be in yours. May you find all you are searching for in 2008 and then more. Just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and ask for what you want. Remember our "Wish Box" and now - The SECRET.. I love you, baby.