Friday, January 11, 2008

good moRning fRidaY....

i have been thinking a bit about my quotes of the day. if i continue to give you a quote from the "she" book you will not purchase it for yourself. this book is a must for all women! so i am gonna change it up a bit and find quotes that i have kept around with me and give you those. i will continue to read my "she" book and live by the quote for myself but, you need to go buy it. i is money well spent. including the "be" book as well by kobi yamada.

so i checked on the weekend retreats that joan anderson has. wow!!! not cheap but, i think they would be so well worth it. the one that i would like to attend here in sedona, arizona is all sold out, dang it! i am gonna see if she has a waiting list. i will be looking at the others to see if there are any in the coming year i might be able to go to. i have added her link if you just click on her name. mY life in the last week has been touched, inspired, happier, moved, spiritual and just for me because of these amaZing words of hers.

todaY i plan on working on my "deck of me cards" that dianna has challenged a few of us with. all are welcomed to join in. if you would like to do something just for YOU!!! this is a great challenge to participate in. just click on dianna's name and it will take you right to her blog link that talks all about it.

here is to an amaZing friday! may you take time out for yourself today. even if it is just for 15 minutes. much love to all. have a gReat weekend! *hugs*

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