Friday, January 11, 2008

3 times in one day...

i feel like i was wonder woman todaY! did loads of laundry, prepared dinner so it would be ready to go in the oven (had bbq pork chops, homemade creamy garlic mashed potatoes, corn, salad and i even made an apple cake for dessert), two loads of dishes and found time to start my *deck of me* card challenge. dianna will be so proud of me. i am even gonna post the pictures of mY cards. so excited to do this challenge. didn't realize until i got into it that i needed it! i am doing something for just mE. and so far...i love the way it is turning out. i am such a perfectionist that sometimes i can't even eNjoY the process because of it. are the pictures.

all put together

front cover

inside cover

my goals

thanks so much for looking. can't wait to see all of the other participant's *decks* night.


Dianna said...

You ARE Superwoman! I've been cutting, pasting and replying to emails all day...SO exciting*!* My address book says we are 48 strong...and literally getting more requests to join every other hour. The positive energy is spreading*!*
Your cards ROCK {of course}!

Christine said...

Soooo Cute Connie!!!! And I love jammin to Ace of Base while reading your blog!