Thursday, December 6, 2007

better go potty before you sit down and read this's a book, lol...

wow! it seems like forever since i have really written a deep blog entry. not that all of my entries have to be moving but, as i sit here full of emotions once again... i have so much to say. i was able to spend a much needed evening with mY very best friend, debbie. you don't realize how much you miss someone until they are not around. we use to talk once a day...seriously! we live 3 1/2 hours apart for the last 9 years. we use to talk every day because we had the same cell plan. then she went and changed it and now we are luck if we talk once every couple of weeks. now this is not just because of our cell plans but, our lives. she was working two jobs, owned her own store and a full time mom of two amaZing children. then there is me...a full time mom of 4, a scrapbook sales rep and a part time receptionist. our lives have been truly busy and our schedules have really clashed. so on friday i drove down and we ate dinner together and caught up. we were there for 3 hours!!! with work and my drive down, we knew we were too tired to catch a movie so we went back to her place and tried to watch one. by midnight we were both so exhausted we went to bed! we are getting so old aren't we? i also got to spend part of saturday with her as well. as i sit here and write this my heart is full! i am truly blessed to have her in mY lifE! we have been friends since jr high 23 years ago. i would say the last 15 1/2 years we have been the bEst of fRienDs!! when you find people like this who touch your life daily you never want to let them go. i also spent some much needed alone time too on saturday and it was just so rElaxing. love those times. finished the rest of the weekend with familY. on sunday we had a baby blessing to attend and then we were heading home. this is where mY weekend doesn't end...

i drove my mom's car down so i could spend friday & saturday with deb. on sunday we noticed mom's car was overheating and the battery was giving us problems. right as we were heading out of town i felt it wasn't good to be driving it. we stopped at my aunt's and figured i would stay behind one day to get it fixed. lets just say one day turned into 3!! so here i was stranded with no car and missing work and my kiddos. mY wonderful brother and his father-in-law were able to look at the car and determine the problem. it called for a specialty part, after ordering it once and having them mess up, ordering the correct part, waiting another day, mY brother was finally able to put it all back together. i hated asking for rides everywhere. don't like to asK for help but, love to give it! i then was able to head home last night. when i got home i hugged my kids f-o-r-e-v-e-r (in your best sandlot voice)! it was so nice...i missed them so much and was soooo glad to finally be HOME!!

i have again been reminded that familY is always forever, friends are there no matter what and that your kids will aLways be there for you when ever you need them. last night was amaZing for me and was much needed. *hugs* connie

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Dianna said...

Great friends are so therapeutic hu? I thank God for mine every day!

Glad you stopped instead of continuing on in that car. Not too many things can make me as anxious as car trouble!

Glad you're *back*