Monday, November 12, 2007

nope, not a haPppy campeR...

i am not feeling well today. thought it was just my allergies but, i don't think that it is just that. gonna go to bed now. sorry i didn't have more exciting things to say. overwhelmed and not feeling good will do that to ya. not very inspired lately either. i think i am going through something and i can't dig myself out of it. i have lost mY mojo... hElp!!! i need some uplifting thoughts of encouragement. come on dianna...where are you when i need you? night

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Dianna said...

sweet,sweet Connie,
Feeling physically like poo {and tired to boot} sure does amplify our emotionally garbage doesn't it? Just goes to show you that it is ALL connected...gotta take care of ALL aspects of ourselves in order for things to work the way they were meant to. God gave us some pretty nifty machines, they DO require daily maintenance!
If you're still in that rut girl, I'll share my shovel with you*!*

Remember your song!