Thursday, November 1, 2007

got mY quick fix for comfort todaY...

can anyone tell me why food is so comforting? i know that food is a bad source of comfort but, it is comforting. i guess you need to look at it and take it in moderation. todaY was not that daY for moderation. i sat down after work and ate 2 shredded beef tacos, an entire bag of homemade chips with homemade salsa and my cherry pepsi. all of this from our local mexican food place. can i just say YuMmY!!! so i probably gained my 6 pounds that i lost last week back but, it feLt GOOD!!! it was much needed too. i know i will be hating myself later. gotta run to a benefit dinner/auction for a young man who is a senior at the boys' high school. he was diagnosed with cancer and it is already at stage 3. please keep sonny and the romney family in your prayers. *hugs* to all.

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