Tuesday, October 2, 2007

yEs....I fell off the bandwagon...

as i lay hear with all this guilt at 3:oo a.m. i feel like a failure. i did not do a blog for monday. i know this is not something that should really bother me but, it does. see on this {21} day challenge i feel like i was doing so gReat!!! then yEs, it happened i fell off the bandwagon. not really on purpose. lets just say time slipped by and i didn't make it important enough to do. had way to many things going on that were a little more important to me. :0) i keep posting on everyone else's blog that it's ok. pick yourself up, dust yourself off and jump back on. so here i am at 3:15 a.m. writing my blog. so does this count for monday or tuesday? i know i will be writing again soon as it is my son's last football game today or is that tomorrow. *hugs* connie

ps. so need to tell you about mY CE dinner for all the volunteers and teachers. it was so amaZing!!!

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mom of fab five said...

The real question is if you had gone to bed yet and were in a real deep sleep?--then i would have to say no that it won't count for monday--but if your day hadn't actually ended with sleep then it does count for monday (i am quoting the "how to be a guilt free mom official handbook" pg 13 section 3 line 12)
Anyway leave the guilt for big things like missing your sons last football game. Didn't miss the game? Then NO GUILT required. Have a great day regardless of what time it is!!!

Leigh Ann