Sunday, October 14, 2007


yesterday was so hectic with all the things that needed to be done and with what i was needing to do, blogging didn't make the list. so sorry to the many of you who read my blogs daily. do you ever realize how many times a day you say the word sorry. i didn't until i thought about it. it's so natural that it slips off our tongues so frequently. so here it is...
sorry: adj 1: feeling sorrow, regret, or penitence 2. mournful sad 3. inspiring sorrow, pity, scorn, or ridicule.
i thought to myself more than half of the time i say the word {sorry} it is for none of these reasons. it is just a word used way to much for not the RIGHT reasons. so when i apologize for not writing yesterday i feel regret. for myself, for not writing and for not sharing my day and thoughts with others. i just read my comments today for the last two days and they brought me to tears. WOW!! of course i am gonna cry when my mom gets on my blog and posts the most beautiful words to me. i am blessed to have the bEst mom in the woRld!!! she is mY woRLd! don't know what i would do without her...she is one of my best friends. i don't know many mothers and daughters who get to share such and amaZing bond as we do. then i read the comment from brad...ok, if he is brought to tears how can i not be brought to tears again. now dianna...what great words of wisdom i needed to read. i now need to look up that song and add it to my play list. thank you to all of you. for not only taking time out of your busy day to read my blog but, to post such much needed comments. i am to overwhelmed right now to really continue. don't think i will be posting about yesterday or today. i think what has been written here is enough. so my title you wondEr?? think about the word do you use it? how often do you use it? do you really mean it? i was always told sorry means: you will try to never do it again. this is how i look at sorry. so i am going to try and not let it just slip off the tongue so easily. i want people to know when i say it... i truly mean it! sorry is now so...{so with dot, dot, dot} unless it is truly meant to be said as {sorry}. night and *hugs* to all

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Bradley said...

I like the concept of so... I also like that I was mentioned again!!!!!! Yay ME!!!!! Great words, again. Thank you.