Monday, October 29, 2007

{i've been tagged...again}

i got tagged from my friend, taryn choate and i'm supposed to tell 7 random facts about me. this will be hard because i can never think of things to tell about me, but i'll give it a try just for taryn.

1. i'm addicted to tatoos and want more.
2. if somebody tells me i won't do something, I WILL!
3. i'm not good at taking my own advise. i would much rather give than receive in this department, lol.
4. i'm a good kisser, so i've been told.
5. i don't like to be mistaken or to not get my way.
6. i love to dance! what i mean by that is... i can shake my "behind" 'til the cows come home.
7. i am the "queen" of multi-tasking.

k, now i have to tag 7 other people. after you write your random facts, you must tag 7 others, write a comment on their most recent blog so they know they were tagged, and give them the instructions. i tag: wendy, tammy, brad, christine, ann, dianna, amanda...good luck! do it for the fun of it and because you love mE!

1 comment:

D. said...

I'm not sure I know enough people out here in blog land but I'll give it my best pitiful shot~thanks!