Tuesday, October 23, 2007

it's all good...

how can i not be in a good mood? i am sitting here doing my blog listening to my michael buble cd!!! haPpY, haPpY music...makes a very haPpY connie! it has been such a good day. got everyone where they needed to be so i could go to work. today was my first official day on my own. in to work i go and i was early... again (patting myself on the back). got everything all set up and ready for the day. i transferred calls with ease, i took messages like a pro and i even think i earned some bonus points. things in my world seem to be slowing down and falling into place. todaY is a daY that i so look forward to. a day that i wish i had more of in my life. a day where you talk to family and friends and all is well with them. when i hear this...it makes me happy. i gotta steal something one of my friends shared with me yesterday...There is a saying that "nice guys finish last." I have learned that this is true. I have also learned that last place is okay when it means you helped someone get to first place. I would rather be last and happy than first and miserable. wow!! this is so true for me. i would rather make sure everyone else is happy than myself. in doing so it makes me haPpY! i do however believe that you do not need to sacrifice your own happiness for others. i have done this... and find myself continually doing so. this should be one of my {21} day challenges i need to work on, lol. why is it that i seem to put everyone else before myself. i don't mind this at all but sometimes...i need to remind myself...i need to come first... just sometimes. anywho... i gotta go. getting my hair done tonight. hey...mE time and i am putting myself first! i'll try and write later.

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D. said...

Gotta take care of you ~ we affect everyone around us and if we are happy...it just rubbs off! And like the saying goes:
If Momma ain't happy
Ain't nobody happy!

Way to rock the job girl! ;)