Wednesday, October 3, 2007

FooTbaLL is over, wrestLing begins and finishing soCcEr, ugh...

tuesday, october 2nd:
i drove home yesterday knowing i was truly being watched over. i really don't know how i got home in one piece or should i say aLive!!! just glad to be home safe. walked into he door and got right back in a car (which my husband drove and i slept) to see my youngest son play in his last football game. it was an amazing game they won 56-20!!! then every parent and child asked if "d" was wrestling? this is the first i had heard about it but, they want him to wrestle. i don't care, i guess i was just thinking of myself when i thought i could get a break. don't know why i would think that with four kid, a husband and 3 jobs. so i guess we will be starting wrestling next monday. i also have my high school son still playing jv soccer. i think we have 3 weeks left of that. he is so good at soccer. i am so glad he found his niche in sports. he just informed me yesterday he wants to try out for the golf team. i said as any mother should (and mean it), go for it you are great at it! no, a mother's work is never done! i also have my two youngest playing city soccer on saturdays. my week stays pretty busy, that i am surprised i can get anything done at all. i am learning fairly quickly that i need to use my time wisely. decide what is important and what needs to come first and make mY list. i live by list!!!! it's great to cross off things i have accomplished, to see my progress and LOVE it.

ps. today is day {21} of my {21} day challenge journey. my first goal was walking every day. that i did not accomplished. so on day 6 i moved onto another challenge i had in mind, which was starting a blog. on october 8th i hope to say that i finished my {21} day challenge and will be sticking to it!!! here is another fabulous quote from rhonna... "The secret of greatness is simple: do better work...and keep on doing it." Wilfred A. Peterson
I WILL KEEP ON DOING IT!! thanks so much rhonna for all your inspiration. for helping all of us participants and the world start new good habits in our lives. ones that will change us forever, for the better!


Rhonna said...

LOVE this story!!!!!
You are amazing..truly amazing..
LOVE reading your stuff!
keep it going!

red tin heart said...

I really like this. xo Nita