Friday, October 5, 2007

day {21}...yippee!!!

it's day 21 how did you do? CONGRATULATIONS to all on achieving your {21} day challenge!!!! did you make it a habit? are you going to stick with it? i sure know i am. i have gained so much from this amaZing journeY that i don't want to loose. if you started late, keep on going. i'm here still rooting you on. i can't wait to start a new 21 days with a new goal!! thanks sooo much rhonna for our new lives!! our lives will never be the same because of YOU!
*hugs* connie


mom of fab five said...

i am so impressed with you. You have been an inspiration to me--in fact i am thinking about starting my own BLOG--just one thing holding me back---I have no clue how to get started ( i admit that i ma a bit of an computer retard) So do you want to be my mentor?

Leigh Ann

{connie} said...

leigh ann, send me your e-mail addy. i can't seem to find my paper, lol.
i can't believe that I inspired YOU!! thanks for the wonderful comment. it is truly appreciated. i would love to help you set up a blog. for me... it has been a lifE saver! *hugs* connie

melanie said...

I have really enjoy reading your blog,and love the idea of your lists.