Wednesday, October 3, 2007

caTchiNg up...

today is wednesday but, i feel i need to back up and finish writing for monday and now tuesday.
monday, october 1st:
i drove to the valley today to attend a crEative EscapE volunteer dinner. it was so nice of bazzill and heidi swapp to do this. we were fed a wondErful mexican dinner with a fabulous dessert (that i sooo need to get the recipe for). then it was christmas....they informed us that the little goodies we saw as we were getting our dinner was for us. it was a pack of ce 12 x 12 paper, a little journal, a visor that says crEativE escapE on it (wore mine yesterday) and a water bottle. so i thought to myself how wondErful is this. they have already been so good to us and i was already very appreciative. nope, wasn't done! we got a ce shirt then..... drum roll....many of you know how bazzill does their warehouse sale. well, lets just say we got to enjoy it as well. 2 boxes full...FREE!!! now this was truly amaZing. thAnK yOu bazzill!!! i am so blessed to work in such an industry of talented, friendly and amazing people. i was blessed to not have to drive home after this dinner. i would of had a 3 1/2 hour drive home and as you read yesterday didn't go to bed until REALLY late. lets just say i slept maybe 45 minutes to an hour. mY wonderful friend called me up and told me i had a hotel if i wanted it. the thought of not driving home that late or sleeping in a comfy marriott bed, hmmmmm let me think... the hotel!!!!! my night there was so amaZing can't really put it all in words. i was touch first at the thought of getting to stay and rest (that i did not do) but, the time there was much needed and was so great!! can't really put them into words. just thaNks for evErYthiNg!!!!! i also saw where a new restaurant will be coming to downtown mesa in about 5 months or so called "the black sheep". it will be an awEsome place for family and friends to relax, watch some live music or listen to poetry and enjoy some grEat irish food!! can't wait for it open, just so excitEd!!! so mY monday was incredible, it will be a night to not be forgotten.

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Kristan Paolacci said...

Connie - loved spending Monday night with you - those CE people are amazing aren't they. Congratulations on keeping up on your blog - you are doing an amzing job. It is so very obvious you spent two whole days with Rhonna - what an inspiration - lucky you !!! Keep up the good work.