Thursday, September 20, 2007

smiling inside and out...

what a morning. i feel i have accomplished so much and it's only 9:30 am. maybe that is a sign that i need to get up earlier, NOT!! i am sooo not a morning person. today my son received the student of the month award at his jr high. his dad and i were both able to be present for this. it made me really think this morning. then this song popped into my head...mY wIsH by rascal flatts. how blessed we are to be mothers and fathers. are our children not our most prize possession? are they not an accomplishment in itself? today i am just way to overwhelmed at the moment to write. i read rhonna's inspirational thought this morning and that is all it took. then i finished reading and noticed she quoted me. ME!! did i really say that, did i inspire someone else? i am honored and floored that she felt that way too. it is true though. through this journey i have been taking this last week i have discovered something. i discovered...mE! where have i been hiding? i am liking mE again. i am finding mE! thanks again rhonna. today i am adding a few pictures that inspire me and make me smile.

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