Monday, September 24, 2007

in my daughter's eyes...

it's monday. i don't know about you but, my mondays are always busy. with it being the start of a new week and trying to get the day going smoothly for all is a big deal in our home. does everyone have everything...back packs, homework, lunch money, sports gear and the list goes on. oh, and what about the weekly schedule for everyone. yeah, that is a chore in itself. so to my monday WILL be a good one!!! last friday my daughter decided she no longer wanted to go to the school she has been attending for the past 6 years. with our move in july she wanted to go to the new school {we moved to the adjoining town 10 minutes from our previous home}. i explained to her that if we transferred and she didn't like it there, there was no going back. she proceeded to tell me she knows and that she was ready. ok, then we will get all the paper work and you can start tuesday. she said i want to start monday. i informed her that she need to get all of her things from her old school and say good-bye to her friends. again she told me so confidently...i got everything i need and i already said good-bye to those that i wanted too. did this ever shock me!! my little girl {who is almost 11 but, the size of a 6 year old} made this choice all on her own and she was ready to start a new chapter in her life. i learned a valuable lesson from her. sometimes we need to make change in our lives. for the good, for the i don't know why or just because. are we all not trying to be a better mE? trying to make our life here on this earth a passing one. we all have our struggles and challenges. believe me i have plenty. but isn't that why we all decided to come here. to have a challenge set in front of us and to see how we would handle it. are you passing? kinda' reminds me of high school...just barely making it. that is my life most of the time...barely making it. there have been many {to many to count} times i have wanted to give up and have almost done so. many times when i felt i just can't do it any more. why me, comes to mind, right? i have those same questions, same issues, same struggles as many of you out there. pretty much feel like i can say...been there, done that. believe me i have! then today...remembering my daughter and her willingness to give it a try. go to a new school where she will know 3 people, have a new teacher, new principal and a new start. if she can do it, i can! i can make those changes in my life that are difficult, that don't want to be done. i can make it another day with a smile on my face and being grateful. everyday is a new day...a new chapter of our lives. i may not know why God throws me all these curve ball and i keep striking out. why can't he send me those down the middle fast balls. those ones are easy to handle. then i remind myself... he never said it would be easy, he only said it would be worth it. we are ALL worth it!! each and everyone one of us. our lives are WORTH IT!! hope you all hit a home run today, i know mine is going out of the park!!! *hugs* connie

how are you doing {21} day challengers? it's day 10 for most of you {13} for me. are you hanging in there, have you fallen off. remember get right back on and keep on going. do it for you, do it for your family and friends. make YOU important!!! make YOU count! keep up the good work.

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Bradley said...

I keep hitting mine out of the park, but they're foul balls.... Does that count?